Termite Treatment

The termite treatments are effective as early as you can detect the termite infestation. However, you can prevent termites at home by taking both termite monitoring and above ground baiting solutions. SES Termite Control Sydney has a professional team for all types of termite treatment Sydney. So, let us explain the treatments against termite infestation.

termite treatment

  • Termite Monitoring
  • Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, installing termite monitors all over the place will help you to detect a possible termite infestation at the beginning. And if there is a termite invasion within the property, you can call us right away for the best termite extermination. The termite monitor can be controlled accordingly. Therefore, regular maintenance will serve you the best long term solution.

  • Above Ground Baiting
  • Setting bait above the ground is one of the best solutions to prevent termites from infesting your home. In this process, an attractive baiting is installed all over the infected area. Once the termites come in contact with the bait, they consume it and take it to the colony. As a result, the entire termite colony consumes the bait, resulting in deterring.

No matter which treatment you choose for termites, we will put our best efforts to control termites. So, contact us today for more details of the termite treatment service in Sydney