Termite Species

Termite Species Sydney – Termites have various species and the one which is predominant in Sydney is Coptotermes sp. But we have solutions to exterminate the termite species Sydney using the best and effective treatment. But, let us explain the details of Coptotermes.

Coptotermes sp.

  • Family: Rhinotermitidae
  • Subfamily: Copto Termitidae
  • Genus: Coptotermes
  • Type: Subterranean
  • Castes: Queen, Kings, Soldier, Worker, Reproductive
  • Nest Types: Termites take shelter with an adequate food source. Therefore, they infest trees, stumps, poles, wooden frames. In larger trees, the termites infest the lower part of the trunk.

termite species

Distribution:Coptotermes Sp.

is abundant across South Australia, including Sydney. This species is one of the most destructive species of termite. It can damage the timber and woods beyond recovery. The severance becomes more destructive in flavoured trees and fruits.

Termites use soil as their medium of transport. Therefore, whenever the soil is damp and humid, the chances of termite infestation are huge. However, this species is found on the multistoried building where the soil is not available. Therefore, the Coptotermes Sp. is abundant everywhere in Sydney. Some of the most destructive species of Coptotermes Sp. are Coptotermes acinaciformis, Coptotermes frenchi, and Coptotermes lacteus. The Coptotermes frenchi is a green forest termite, whereas the Coptotermes lacteus can infest all types of timber and half-rotten woods. 

  1. Termite Society
  2. The termite caste is segregated into five groups- queens, kings, workers, soldiers, and alates.

  3. Termite kings and queens- The major work of king and queen termites is to reproduce termites for the colony. They start their lives as alates by leaving their parental colony. Once they drop to the ground to shed their wings and start looking for a suitable environment to reside in. The king and queen termites take care of the young termites until they are old enough to work for the termite colony.
  4. Termite workers- In a termite colony, the number of workers is the most. They maintain the colony by doing all the chores excluding defence and reproduction. They are the reasons behind the wood and timber destruction. 
  5. Termite soldiers- The soldier termites defend the termite colony against the predators such as white ants and other relevant species. The soldier termites have large jaws, stinky chemical fluids to defend the termite nest. 
  6. Alates- Alates are the future kings and queens of termites. They are born with wings and reproductive organs. Once the alates squirm out of the nest in pairs, they look for a suitable environment to mate and create a new termite colony.

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