Signs of Termites

Termite infestation within the furniture is tough to detect. But, with close follow up of the signs, you can detect termites easily. Here we will share some of the common signs of termites infestation.

signs of termites

Light Weighted Hollow Woods

Once the termites enter the wood, they start eating from the inside. As they crawl within the timber, they create holes within the timber. Therefore, while knocking over the wood from outside, it will feel hollow. Also, the weight of the wood will be lighter than it was supposed to be due to the gradual decrease of mass.

Easy Breakage

The wooden items are sturdy to stand strong against mild to severe damages. However, if the door is easily damaged without any resisting power, it means the termites have eaten away the wood from the inside. Sometimes the wooden frames become so weak that they can’t even hold the screws and door lock. All of these are signs of heavily infested termite nests.

Jammed Doors And Windows

As the termites eat the wood, they become larger, resulting in pushing the thin wood to expand. Therefore, the wooden frame pushes the doors and windows to the sides, causing them to open. Also, their excretion gets accumulated resulting in a tight structure within the damaged wood swell.

Visible Holes And Cracks In The Wood

After a while when the termites eat the entire wooden frame from the inside, they start to eat the outer layer. When it happens, the frame becomes too thin to pass the light through the wood easily. Sometimes, the termites are visible through the holes and cracks.

Muddy Structures Over The Wood

Even though there is no source of mud on the wood, if you spot a muddy structure on the wood, it can be a sign of termite infestation. The mudding is a protective instinct of termites to create a safe environment within the wooden structure.

But, if the signs confuse you, you can take help from a professional termite control agency. The expert termite specialists will check your area to guide you with the needful solutions.