How To Identify Termites At A Glance?

Termites are tough to spot. But, if you spot mud tunnels over the wood and timber, it is a possible sign of termite infestation. Call your local pest control agency for a detailed termite inspection.

What Does A Termite Look Like?

Termites are light-coloured to translucent with a thick waist body structure. Often people confuse them with white ants. But, if looked closely, the ant body is segregated into three parts which are absent termites.

Can Termites Infest Treated Pine?

No, termites cannot infest treated pine woods. And for the same reason, the long term development projects use treated pinewoods for the base foundation.

How Termites Enter Home?

A tiny hole or crack is enough to give access to the termites into your house. Moreover, if you install wooden furniture in the garden, the termites can crawl through the soil to infest wooden furniture and frames.

How Long Termites Will Take To Infest A House?

Termites can infest the house with greater food sources within a day. Sometimes, the termite infestation can take place even before the building construction is complete.

Are Insurance Agencies Providing Termite Damage Repairs?

No, insurance agencies do not cover the expenses of termite damages. However, you can hire a professional for a way out of the situation.

How To Control Termites?

There are multiple solutions for termite treatments. Reticulation systems and termite monitoring are some of the most popular termite treatments among people. However, for a more detailed termite solution, you need to hire professional termite specialists. The experts will look into the matter thoroughly to serve you with the best diagnosis.

Is It Possible To Control Termites With DIY Solutions?

DIY solutions against termites are not effective, as it will take a lot of time to identify the termite and white ants. Moreover, DIY solutions work better during the preliminary infestation. So, these home remedies will be a waste of time in controlling termites at home.

How To Remove Termites?

With the first sight of termites at home, you need to call your local termite controllers right away. If disturbed, the termites can break out to spread in other areas of the infected area. As a result, the infestation will increase.

Are Termites Treatments Safe For Humans And House Pets?

The termite treatments services incorporate solutions that are eco-friendly and harmless for humans and house pets. However, it is always a better idea to seek professional guidance while choosing the best termite treatment.

When Is The Right Time For Termite Treatments?

One can hire professional termite controllers whenever they spot a termite infestation. However, some termite programs serve in the long run. If your building is under construction, hire a professional to incorporate physical or chemical barriers according to your needs. In case of an ongoing termite infestation, you can choose the reticular system, termite baiting, and termite monitoring to control the pest infestation. Therefore, it is always up to one’s need when to choose the termite control service.